Clinic for Health and Medical Care (CHMC) is a German outpatient clinic specialized in Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Family Medicine.The clinic is located in Dubai Healthcare City which is a hub for medical specialists adhering to European and American healthcare standards. CHMC is dedicated to providing high quality psychiatric, psychotherapeutic and family medicine services. The internal clinic organization is based on proven German standards in the healthcare sector.


We treat the entire spectrum of psychiatric and family medicine disorders offering short, middle and long term assistance. At CHMC wellbeing is promoted, suffering relieved, and mental and physical health restored humanely through respect, devotion and commitment. Our patients’ uniqueness is honored by our sensitivity towards diverse cultural, religious and personal backgrounds.

The treatment proceeds in accordance with a holistic concept reflecting the interaction between the soul and the body. The human being and his moral concepts, hopes, doubts, misgivings, fears, and other problems of life build the center of our therapeutic work. A meaningful life is a basic need of every human existence. It is our aim to support you by deepening your inward insight and the following changes. The path to the self is also the way out of the crisis. It is a difficult and painful mission. We want to accompany you and be your tower of strength.


Dr. Gregor Kowal

Senior Consultant in Psychiatry, Psychotherapy

and Family Medicine (German Board)

Phone: 00971-4-4574240


Clinic for Health and Medical Care

Dubai Healthcare City

Al Razi Building, No. 64, Block B,

3rd Floor, Clinic 3006

Post box: 126779, Dubai, UAE

Phone: 00971-4-4574240

Fax: 00971-4-4574238


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