Borderline Personality Disorder

Report Highlights Challenges People Face When Seeking Care for Borderline Personality Disorder Source: American Psychiatric Association 03.10.2016

500 transcripts were randomly chosen and assessed in more detail to identify themes, challenges, and common experiences reported by BPD care seekers. More than half (256) of the 500 requests were for outpatient services, and almost all of these were requests were for dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) or related behavioral therapies. Few callers seeking outpatient services for BPD requested pharmacotherapy or referrals to psychiatrists who could prescribe medications for BPD.

Among the areas that those requesting resources for BPD thought needed improvement were family services, crisis intervention, and mental health literacy. In addition, they cited stigmatization, financial concerns, and medical comorbidities as barriers to finding and obtaining appropriate treatment.

These findings underscore challenges in obtaining appropriate care for BPD and opportunities for improving the coverage and scope of current resources,” the authors wrote.