Dr Gregor Kowal
Specialist in Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Family Medicine
German Board Certified,
Medical Director,
Clinic for Health and Medical Care
Phone: 00971-4-4574240

CHMC is dedicated and committed to providing the best possible psychiatric, psychotherapeutic, and counselling services to the residents of Dubai.  We continuously strive to provide the highest quality of clinical care through our expertise and professionalism, as well as our respect and devotion to our patients.  We consistently promote mental and physical well-being with balanced psychiatric and psychotherapeutic techniques that meet our patients’ unique, therapeutic needs.  We cherish and honor the trust our patients put in us.

When individuals reach out to us for mental health services, we do not just diagnose disorders and discuss symptoms, but we build a trusting relationship to treat our patients holistically.  The center of our therapeutic work is built around our patients’ moral concepts, hopes, doubts, misgivings, fears, and other problems of life. As humans we have an innate need to strive for a meaningful life. In therapy our main objective is to support our patients by deepening their inward insight and opening the way to a meaningful and fulfilled life. This path to the self is also the way out of their crisis.

We treat all psychiatric disorders including depression, anxiety problems, obsessive-compulsive disorders, schizophrenia, mania, bipolar disorders, addictions, sleeplessness, dementias, personality disorders, ADD and ADHD, eating disorders, as well as the entire spectrum of family medicine disorders.

The internal clinic organization follows the German healthcare standard. Our strength lies in the methodical, standardized evaluation procedures, treatment plan development and – last but not least – continuation of the treatment by the same doctor/psychotherapist. This enables us to conduct complex evaluations and create treatment plans in around 1.5 hours. During the first evaluation we discuss the treatment plan, frequency of visits and the approximate total time of treatment. Throughout the process, we collaborate with our patients considering their personal and illness related needs.  We integrate different methods and therapeutic techniques to optimize treatment outcomes. With a view to the patients’ return to their everyday life, we assist in preparing them for the time after the end of therapy.

The diagnostic procedures include an in-depth psychiatric, somatic and psychological evaluation, physical and neurological examination, ECG and a set of laboratory tests. Referrals to partner clinics and/or hospitals are an option if additional tests and imaging procedures are necessary. Our clinic possesses sophisticated equipment including a digital ECG (electrocardiogram), a digital EEG (electroencephalography) with video recorded brain mapping, a 24 hour blood pressure monitor, a spirometer to measure lung function and audiometer to assess hearing. When blood work is indicated, blood is drawn on site and will be sent to our partner laboratory for a state of the art laboratory analysis. If further diagnostics are necessary (CT scan, MRI, X rays), our location in the heart of Dubai Healthcare City ensures convenient access to specialists and imaging providers.


Required Diagnostics: an accurate diagnosis (medical outcome) takes place prior to treating the patient. This includes:


–          Survey of psychiatric, psychological and somatic case history

–          General physical examination

–          Neurological examination

–          Laboratory examination

–          ECG (Electrocardiogram)

–          EEG (Electroencephalogram)

–          MRT, CT scan, and other imaging procedures on demand (done in partner clinic located in the same building)

–          Psychological testing (if required)


Therapeutic methods used:

–          Differentiated pharmacotherapy (medication)

–          Depth- and behavioral psychological counselling in the form of individual therapy as well as couples counselling

–          Regular psychiatric and psychological monitoring

–          Psycho-educative training including counselling for relatives

–          Relaxation techniques


Quality Standards: our clinic complies with the standards set by the Centre for Healthcare Planning Quality (CPQ), Dubai, UAE, the regulatory body of Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC). All areas of our work are subject to this certification. This includes the qualification of the staff and the parameters of offered services, organization, ergonomics, hygiene- and safety standards of the rooms and the medical apparatus used herein.

The Diagnostic coding system is based on the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, 10th Revision.

The documentation is digitally conducted. All patient data are handled with utmost discretion. At the end of the treatment process a the doctor’s letter, which is available in digital or paper form, will be handed over to the patient or forwarded to doctors responsible for further treatment (if requested).

We are a multi-professional-team working constructively and with dedication. We are open-minded and respect each other’s opinions, viewpoints and performance. We believe that the best therapeutic results can only be achieved in a harmonious work atmosphere. We support continuing education and ongoing staff training, and embrace and respect Dubai’s national, cultural and religious diversity.